Listen: Los Rebel Cats’ “Mala Influencia” ft. Marcela Viejo, Mambo Jambo [MEX]

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Holy shit y’all, roll up your sleeves, stick a cig in your ear, and grease up that pompadour. It’s time for the “rebellious bad boy” to swing by in his vintage whip, pick up his buddies (that’s you!), and head over to the local diner where all the waitresses serve that delicious soft-serve ice cream while dressed in mini skirts and roller skates.

At least that’s the vibe I get from the latest song by Los Rebel Cats. Los Gatos team up with Marcela Viejo (Quiero Club) and Mambo Jambo (Dani Nel-Lo & Mario Cobo) for this insanely catchy old-school boogie that puts every single classic rockabilly revival in recent memory to shame. I’ve never wanted a leather jacket or ace of spades tattoo so badly!

(Photo by Carolina Aymerich)