Listen: M A J E S T A D's "Sendero Luminoso" [ESP]

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Majestic electronic pop sounds are coming all the way from Madrid, Spain, courtesy of M A J E S T A D. Originally formed by Pepo Márquez (The Secret Society, Buena Esperanza, the legendary Garzón) and Jorge Ramos (Nine Stories), and now joined by Alicia Guirao and Raúl Santos, M A J E S T A D make a type of pop that is very elegant, minimal, sparse, and as spacious as the band’s name.

The first single of their upcoming debut, Música para pelear (2014, Club Social), is “Sendero luminoso“—any relation to the Peruvian communist party?—and for the first two minutes it inevitably reminds us of a British band whose name starts with an x and ends with an x, especially because of the guitar playing and the soft vocals. But as soon as those string synths kick in, it unravels into a beautiful instrumental section that is pure bliss.