Listen: Máquina Total's Self-Titled EP [ESP]

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How many of you are familiar with the cult-classic film Labyrinth, starring a young Jennifer Connelly and Ziggy-Stardust-gone-steampunk David Bowie? The film, of course, featured a hella ’80s soundtrack, also by Bowie. The tunes on Máquina Total’s self-titled EP would fit right alongside Bowie’s jams.

Máquina Total is the new kid on the synth-pop block. Photographer/videographer Virgili Jubero decided one day that he too could write catchy songs such as the ones by his clients (El Columpio Asesino, Russian Red, Jarvis Cocker, and Air). So he created Máquina Total, thus named because it was one of the few URLs still available on MySpace at the time. The name forced him to work within its creative confines, which he’s done pretty damn well. It’s dreamy and lush outer space pop music.