Listen: María y José’s "C L U B N E G R O" [MEX]

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My children, the day has come. María y José’s sophomore LP C L U B N E G R O is here. The 11-track album—off Casete—collects tracks from all walks of life, some violent (“Loop de sangre,” anyone?), some joyful, some both. Many of these we’ve heard and loved in the past (“Granada,” “Violentao,” “Rey de Reyes,” and “Club Negro”), others we’re getting acquainted with now, like “Cripta Real,” which feels dreamier and more pop-spirited than his usual violent quirks allow him to be. It’s a nice breather from the darker ruidosón of the whole album, as is “La Conquista,” an exploration of the desire to be conquered and to conquer, in many forms. This is what Tony Gallardo is great at, bringing in the real through the synthetic; manifesting national concerns through self-aware sassiness. When done right, it’s emotionally striking.

Some friends come in to help the man out. We’ve got 3Ball MTY‘s Sheeqo Beat on the aforementioned “Violentao” and Matilda Manzana on the lovely-seeming “Banaguana.” But there are too many singles in here to count, so just listen to the whole damn thing and try not to break something. You can also purchase it below, however, in the immortal words of Tony Gallardo: “si no lo quieren comprar esperen a que lo suban alguien a la internet y lo bajan gratis y me dicen si está padre o no.” Está padre, Tony.