Free Download: María y José's "Rey de Reyes"

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After releasing a number of EPs, Espíritu Invisible and Kibosé (2010), that helped define Tijuana’s post-Nortec sound and coining Ruidosón, it’s about time for María y José (née Marco Antonio Jimenez) to release an official studio album debut. As of latest, the Tijuanense DJ/producer lanches the first single titled “Rey de Reyes,” an obvious reference to Los Tigres del Norte’s classic Norteño album Jefe de Jefes. With corrido-esque lyrics of royalty riches, envy and guns thematics, and 3Ball guarachero interludes, this ruidosón, club-bangin’ track is a sign that María y José’s hotly anticipated debut is gonna be killer.

Rey de Reyes by María y José