Listen: Marti Ann’s "Orange Spray," Soulful and Effortless R&B

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Marti Ann is an up-and-coming Venezuelan duo from Caracas, who have a very particular approach on R&B, relying mainly on an acoustic guitar and vocals. But, what if they worked with an electronic producer like, say, Ferraz, and they finally got the beats that their compositions beg for? Think no further.

“Orange Spray” is one of the tracks included in Marti Ann’s forthcoming debut EP, a collaboration with the aforementioned very young and very talented producer. Ferraz did an amazing job creating the instrumental bed where Nico’s smooth vocals and Elio’s delicate guitar work rest. He took them to a very international setting, as the production work sounds insanely professional. The vocal melodies are soulful and effortless, and with the addition of the lyrics sung in English, this track could come from anywhere (not a bad thing, at all.) You’ve probably never heard Venezuelan music like this before.

[insert-video youtube=2ah8yntWyjQ]