Video: Masa's "Pinos," A Collaboration Between Brazilian Girls' Didi Gutman and Héctor Castillo [GLOBAL]

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Let me introduce you to your next favorite band. Masa is what happens when Argentine musician Didi Gutman (of Brazilian Girls’ fame) and Venezuelan producer Héctor Castillo (who worked with everybody that matters, from Gustavo Cerati and Aterciopelados to David Bowie, Lou Reed, Roger Waters, Bjork and, of course, Brazilian Girls) meet in Brooklyn and decide to make cool music together.

“Pinos” is the first, and so far the only, released song off their upcoming debut album, set to drop sometime this year– and if it’s all good as this song is, dang, that album has some groundbreaking potential! It’s like the convergence between the best of classic Argentine rock’s songwriting tradition (I could imagine Calamaro, or even Charly singing this one) with the most amazing, top-notch production quality.

The fact that they have Cibo Matto’s and Gorillaz’ Miho Hatori in the video (she also recorded an English version of the song, to be released soon as a B-side) only reaffirms Masa’s inner coolness and their global projection. Is it too early to start nominating songs for the Best of 2014 list?

Watch the video below, or buy it on iTunes here.

MASA – PINOS from Didi Gutman on Vimeo.