Listen: Matías Aguayo's sweaty new tongue-twister, "El Sucu Tucu" [CHL]

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Even though it’s been four years since Matías Aguayo gave us Ay Ay Ay, it’s not like the guy’s been MIA. He collaborated on Battles’ “Ice Cream” for the band’s lead-singer-less album Gloss Drop, DJ’d non-stop all over the world, participated on countless Kompakt and Cómeme compilation EPs/albums, and recorded his monthly podcast “Veneno” for Radio Cómeme. No para la pata, as my mom (and probably your mom) would say. But between all this hustlin’ and the portions of his existence that fall into the “life stuff” category, Aguayo found time to record a new album, titled The Visitor (June 24th, Cómeme).

To jumpstart our appetites we have “El Sucu Tucu,” which is exactly what you think it is: good, silly, primal fun. Aguayo’s tribal yelps find an apt home in the track’s low-down, percussive drive. It’s a sweaty track and those are the best kind now that summer’s nearing. And if anything, this is a great tongue-twister exercise, so we should really be advocating for more “Sucu Tucu” in our kids’ classrooms.