Listen: Molotov's “Ánimo Delincuencia” and “La Verga” [MEX]

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With a simple message that reads “ya valió madres mi gente,” Molotov announces their return to the stage via Facebook and SoundCloud with two new songs and, as usual, they have people talking about them.

Ánimo Delincuencia” is another social reflection where rap, funk, and rock collide. The music is fresh and bouncy and the chorus is catchy. However, fans have expressed lukewarm feelings for the song. Some people have said that this is more of the same of what we have come to expect from Molochas without the excitement that enables them to still fill large venues to this day. Perhaps it’s the sociopolitical message that has remained the same since “Voto Latino,” broad and vague for any kid to relate to; their vulgarity-laced language that fails to shock after 15 years; or even the listeners themselves, who lived the surge of youth getting fired up by politically incorrect songs and protest anthems that expressed how we were not gonna take it anymore but now have steady jobs and bills to pay.

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None of this is really Molotov’s fault, though. It’s true that most artists seek evolution and new avenues of expression, some are quite fond of exploring sound and themes they have established and writing the best songs they can with them. To paraphrase Matthew McConaughey’s character in Dazed and Confused, their fans get older, Molotov stay the same age.

As for the other song, “La Verga,” well…you know what’s in store for you: a hooky chorus, mean guitar work, and some riffs that reminds the listener of Check Your Head-era Beastie Boys.

Think of them as the foul-mouthed “mexa” AC/DC. For those young at heart ready to let loose and revisit some sociopolitical angst in the form of cursing and rhyming, Los Molochas salute you.