Listen: More Ricky Martin Covers [P.R.]

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I remember many a night, back in the days of my precarious youth in the suburbs of Guaynabo, playing “Volverás” on repeat, stretched out on my twin bed, surrounded by every iteration of Honey and Sad Sam stuffed animals. You know what I’m talking about. I had all the feelings. I learned to love and lose thanks to Ricky– an important lesson for any 8 year old.

NYC-based Balún know what I’m talking about, that’s why they chose to cover “Volverás” for the second track in Puerto Rico Indie’s Indie Martin series. The A Medio Vivir mega hit gets gender swapped and doused with twee, reducing the song’s innate singability. Electro/noise producer Dead Hands (a.k.a. José Martí) took a similar route with “Perdido sin ti” (off 1998’s Vuelve). Martí invited vocalists Francisco Valls and La Nikko to launch the track’s new glitchiness into total Postal Service territory.

Eventually you’ll be able to download these via Discos Diaspora, but for now just let short-hair-era Ricky transport you back to that childhood bedroom with those creepy stuffed animals.

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