Listen: Mujeres' Aquellos Ojos EP [ESP]

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Marcos Hassan. @Kiddieriot

It’s not easy refusing the retro vibes MujeresAquellos ojos brings us, and why would you? Mujeres displays an amazing knack for surfy/early-rock riffs that sound true to the source without ripping off anyone in particular. However, thanks to the off-key, gang-like vocals, the thing sounds like a doped-out mess in the best way possible. It’s aggressive and out of control, like the most lo-fi of the garage rock outfits from the last 15 years, except their Spanish counterparts have a cleaner, better grasp on their instruments. Imagine Mexican pioneers Los Locos del Ritmo with a drinking problem and you’ll get what Mujeres are all about.

This four-song collection is a very good representation of the band’s sound. The title track is the catchiest of the set, making me want more from them on the vocal melody front, since they prove they can write memorable tunes. “Eterno y normal” is the clear standout, reminding us a little of Jay Reatard. The mood they evoke using such traditional methods is amazing. The most frenzied moment comes during the last part of the closing song, “Aquella luz,” a fist pumper to end a one, two, three, four-track scorcher of a record.

Proof that you can be great at your instruments and reckless enough to make things rock like the greats intended from the start. Aquellos ojos is short enough to make you want to listen to it again and again.