Listen: Ñaka Ñaka’s Haunting Mundo Harsh EP, Set for Vinyl Release on Opal Tapes

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Ñaka Ñaka’s latest release, Mundo Harsh, will double as his debut vinyl release. Although there’s still no official release date, Opal Tapes–a renowned underground music label out of Newcastle-–has uploaded the EP’s six tracks to their SoundCloud in anticipation of the physical release. Across the tracks, it’s easy to pick up on a more mature version of the haunting, nightmare-ish experience that Ñaka Ñaka presented on his first release through the label, Juan Pestañas. Both of Jerónimo Jiménez’s releases have positioned him as one of the label’s favorites, and also ours.

You can stream Mundo Harsh here in anticipation of the official vinyl release.