Listen: Nea Ducci's Mamai LP [CHL]

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Nea Ducci is a Chilean singer (and sometimes rapper?) dabbling in (what else?) synth pop, but a more experimental, global-reaching type of dabbling. Her songs aren’t just glittery ‘80s anthems, we have plenty of those. Instead, Ducci draws from global influences to create equally dark and sunny songs.

Italo disco, hip-hop, chanson, reggae, tribal, and electronica all bud up against one another in her latest album, Mamai, while Ducci’s semi-lazy voice (sometimes in Spanish, sometimes in English) waxes on about homes, naked bodies in the night, and breaking up.

Gepe makes a cameo on one of the best tracks, “Lejos de ti,” where Ducci’s vocals move around, paper thin, next to Gepe’s warmer delivery. Also, they kind of rap to one another, and it’s what you need to listen to right now. “Nighttime” and “Mamai” are also worth a few listens, so check out the whole album below.