Free Download: Nguzunguzu's The Perfect Lullaby Vol. 2 MIXTAPE [USA]

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They say “presentation is everything.” I don’t know who “they” are but Nguzunguzu follow their advice down to a T. The LA duo went all out with their new mixtape, using everything they have at their disposal and it delivers.

Nguzu and Dis Magazine team up once again to present the sequel to their critical acclaimed mixtape, The Perfect Lullaby, a key work for the genre-defying producers. While the original’s visual format was remarkable, the Web site and electronic music team have outdone themselves this time with something truly special and trippy as balls.

While the format for their mixtape is very striking, one can think Nguzunzugu (and Dis) spent all their energy into making something attractive for the eye. However, video enhancement aside, The Perfect Lullaby Vol. 2 makes for a great listen, too.

Musically, they don’t change their formula. They still mix and match every genre you can tap your foot to, from all around the world to reaching into the past, mixed in a way that creates a comfortable, dreamlike atmosphere, pumped-up enough to stage a party.

In this small piece of sense overload, we get remixes of Mariah Carey, Rihanna, T Pain, Future, Era, and Nova & Jory. They make them their own, enough to give them a characteristic flavor. A great way to present a band’s work that doesn’t forget to “bring it” on the musical front.