Listen: Nine Corners' Nine Diez Compilation Album [MEX]

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Some 10 years ago, the collective known as Nine Corners (or 9Corners) spawned from Guadalajara, Mexico, hosting artists from the city making glorious sounds. Their emergence marked a fertile period of music that put GDL ahead of the curve with many talented bands nurturing different sounds. Like Monterrey before in the mid-’90s, it reminded people that talent doesn’t just come out of the Big City. To celebrate their first decade in the game, they’ve released a new compilation featuring 26 of the finest artists.

It’s been a while since their last compilation came our way. Some of the bands featured in those past volumes have broken up but there have been a ton of success stories associated with the collective. For example, there’s Le Butcherettes raging across the USA and getting props from Iggy Pop and Omar Rodríguez-López, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete making waves over in Europe, and Descartes a Kant who have rocked places like Russia and Central America, just to mention a few.

Their third comp is a double album which features friends and family members of 9Corners. There’s a lot to love here, from instrumentalists like brilliant scene mainstays Sutra, to the glitchy track SLZR contributes with some rhyming from Eric El Niño, to the closing noise and drone suite from acts Blunt Reyvnolds and Mata.

Sure, there’s some big names to draw listeners in but, in my opinion, the newcomers take the cake. Velva Room play a frenetic set of worldless rock that keeps raising the roof. La David Chanson has some heavy riffing spiced with saxophone and Another Animals gives us something to head bang about without going metal. Rest assured, nobody squandered their chance in this compilation.

You can stream both discs below. Here’s to the next 10 years!