LISTEN: Omar Apollo Releases New Song From Upcoming Extended Album

Lead Photo: Photo by Zamar Velez.
Photo by Zamar Velez.
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Our week just got brighter with Omar Apollo’s brand new single, “Archetype,” released today (July 15). With this new R&B track, the chameleon-like Mexican-American singer-songwriter gave his audience the first taste of his forthcoming extended album, IVORY (Marfil).

Produced by Omar himself alongside Carter Lang and Oscar Santander, “Archetype” is a heart-wrenching ballad that describes his diehard passionate feelings towards another man. The Indiana-born artist demands the listener’s attention from the get-go with his bold intro lyrics: “There’s a lot of boys in California / They don’t get along like you and I / So pretty that you kill me softly / If you were to leave, if I were to die.” 

When the pre-chorus melody hits, his signature falsetto is the cherry on top of the already enthralling downtempo tune. With emotional lyrics like, “If you need me, I’ll be right there waitin’ / Hold me ‘till I break thin, don’t want this to end / Could you help me, help you think about me / I think of you daily, I could give you all,” it’s no doubt that the singer is charmed by a love that’s reached a new state of total commitment.

Fans are ready for Omar’s new music. A Youtube user, Yahir Servin, says: “I can’t fucking wait for the deluxe. This would have been perfect in the original rollout.” Other Youtube users find his lyrics relatable. A Youtube user, Pipiola, says: “This is literally how I feel about someone right now, perfect timing.”

“Archetype” marks the first out of five brand new tracks that will come out on his upcoming extended version album, IVORY (Marfil). The new album will consist of 21 songs, 16 of which we’ve already released via his debut album Ivory back in April.

IVORY (Marfil) will come out on Aug. 12.

Listen to Omar Apollo’s “Archetype” below.