Listen: Patafunk gets electro-tropical with Playa

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Venezuela-based duo Patafunk’s Playa LP is loaded with tropical funk, hip hop swag, electropop, and sunshine reggae, intermixing ever-so-sweetly traditional funky rhythms with urban technotronic. Fusing more than a dozen genres, there is really no one way to coin Patafunk’s ever-amalgamating and killer sound.

The tracks on Playa inspires to imagine laying on a white sandy beach with a clear turquoise ocean and large lukewarm waves, like Su Patafunk envisions, while Cem Patafunk thinks of it as the ideal beach, either real or imaginary. I’ll add to that drinking some chilled piña coladas with rays of an orange setting sun amusing my sight. However that goes, Patafunk creates an audibly gratifying LP that’ll get us groovin’ and make us wanna road trip to the nearest playa. Get ready summer!


Feliz (L. Cem Patafunk / M. Cem Patafunk)

Negra China Latina (L. Cem Patafunk, Lee Wilkie & Slim Willy / M. Cem Patafunk)

America Canta Cumbia (L. Cem Patafunk & Sr Mendez / M. Cem Patafunk & Sr. Mendez)

Shake It (L. Cem Patafunk / M. Cem Patafunk)

Festival (L. Cem Patafunk & Su Patafunk / M. Cem Patafunk)

Nada Que Decirte (L. Cem Patafunk / M. Cem Patafunk, Gerry Weil & Lorenz 11.1)

Left & Right (L. Cem Patafunk & Onechot / M. Cem Patafunk & Sr. Mendez)

One Nation (L. Cem Patafunk & 2irie / M. Cem Patafunk)

Bailando (L. Cem Patafunk / M. Cem Patafunk & Sr. Mendez)

Relax (L. Cem Patafunk / M. Cem Patafunk & Tommy Leb)


Cem Patafunk (((Voice, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Harmonica, Piano, Rhodes, Synth, Sampler, Drums & Percussion)))

Su Patafunk (((Chorus & Sampler)))

Liana Malva (((Chorus on Tracks 1 & 10)))

Slim Willy “Ferrari Snowday” (((Voice on Track 2)))

Lee Wilkie “Ferrari Snowday” (((Voice on Track 2)))

Tommy Leb (((Synth on Tracks 2, 3 & 10)))

Sr. Mendez (Voice, Cuatro & Sampler on Track 3)))

Martin Vejarano “La Cumbiamba” (((Percussion & Gaitas on Track 3)))

Gerry Weil (((Keys on Track 6)))

Lorenz 11.1 (((Guitar on Tracks 3, 6 & 9)))

OneChot (((Voice on Track 7)))

Nene Quintero (((Percussion on Track 7)))

Camila (((Voice on Track 7)))

Ricardo Martinez “The First Project” (((Piano on Track 7)))

2irie (((voice on Track 8)))

Alex Pepe Marinero (((Percussion on Track 8)))

Noel Mijares “Desorden Publico” (((Trumpet on Track 8)))

Produced by Cem Patafunk & Su Patafunk (((2008 – 2011)))

Coproduced by Sr Mendez, 11.1 & Tommy Leb (((2009)))

Additional Production by Alberto Stangarone, Alex Pepe Marinero, Data Chin, Emmanuel Inalambrico, Ernesto Pantin, Guillermo Moran, JIm Colominas, Juan Carlos ‘Manito” Martinez, Martin Vejarano, Nene Quintero, Noel Mijares, Ricardo Martinez & Slim Willy

Recorded by Cem Patafunk & Sr. Mendez @ Patafunk Lab, Slim Willy @ FerrariSnowdayStudios &

Gabriel Alvarez & Ricardo Martinez @ Remoto Estudio

Mixed by Slim Willy at FerrariSnowdayStudios

Mastered by Will Quinnel at Sterling Sound

2008 – 2011 @ CCS & NYC
Patafunk – Playa (((2011))) by Patafunk