Listen: Paul Marmota's "Cora," ft. Fractured Beats and Slow-Attack Basslines [CHL]

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The release of a new Paul Marmota track is always a good reason to stop what you’re doing and listen. “Cora” just popped up on the Chilean producer’s Soundcloud website, and it sounds just like if it were an outtake from his latest EP, Nueva (2013, NAAFI.) He uses a similar sound palette to the one featured on that EP, which finds him closer to like-minded artists like Visionist or Fatima Al-Qadiri. Like the synths created from vocal snippets–very ethereal and current–and the slow-attack bass lines, the fractured beat not only is infectious, but it also provides interesting textures. No info on if it’s part of a future release, but this sounds great.