Listen: Pedropiedra’s “Lima,” Quality Eighties-Style Power Pop [CHL]

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Chile has become synonymous with quality pop music, especially the one released by label Quemasucabeza, and its production levels hasn’t dropped. Proof of that is Pedropiedra and his latest album Emanuel.

Decked like a swami on the cover of his latest record, Pedro presents here a marvelous song that takes place in the namesake Peruvian city. Over sounds filtered through some of the most eighties-style production you can imagine, the singer declares “it’s not a crime if there are no witnesses,” denouncing corruption in a way that feels both personal and politically-charged without being explicit.

Pedro is an excellent student of the Gustavo Cerati school of music, with his well-defined hooks, smooth voice, and slick guitar arpeggios housing “Lima” in an irresistible sound space. It’s great power pop that uses the Giorgio Moroder production method of balance between the kinetic groove of rock and the bouncier funk of disco beats.

Listen to “Lima” and bliss out.