LISTEN: Peso Pluma Raps in English for the First Time with Cardi B on ‘PUT EM IN THE FRIDGE’

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
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Ahead of his tour, Peso Pluma unlocked his Éxodo era. On June 20, the Mexican superstar released his two-part album, featuring a range of artists from música mexicana to hip-hop heavy-hitters. One of the album’s most anticipated songs is “PUT EM IN THE FRIDGE,” his collaboration with Cardi B, where La Doble P raps in English for the first time. 

Peso Puma’s versatile vocal skills are no secret. His raspy voice has been featured in multiple genres, such as música mexicana, reggaeton, trap, and EDM. Now, he’s dabbling more into hip-hop and rap with collaborations with American rappers like Rich The Kid, Quavo, and Cardi B. In the latter bilingual joint track, he goes a step further into the genre by rapping in English for the first time. He raps: “Forty shooters, if I send them in, then they comin’ in / Fifty kilos, if you need them, then they comin’ in / Hundred thousand real killers and they’re Mexicans / I say the word, and they put you in the f*cking fridge.”

On the song, both artists bounce back and forth between rapping in Spanish and English. Cardi shouts out Guadalajara in Spanish by rapping: “Peso Pluma con la peso heavy / En Jalisco ven mi culo y dicen, ‘Diablo, Cardi.’” By meshing both languages and flows together, La Doble P and La Cardi’s collaboration emphasizes that Latine artists aren’t tied to one language. Produced by Fresh and Charlie Handsome, the beat explores a mix of hip-hop and rhythmic requinto strings that give an ode to música mexicana.

In a nutshell, Éxodo’s two-part album blends Peso Pluma’s Mexican roots with his American inspirations growing up in the U.S. He’s previously been vocal about his American rap idols being Tupac and Biggie Smalls.

Listen to Peso Pluma and Cardi B’s “PUT EM IN THE FRIDGE” below.