Listen: Porter's "Huitzil," Produced by Masa (Hector Castillo, Didi Gutman) [MEX]

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With the release of Masa’s “Pinos,” we gushed hard over the Hector Castillo/Didi Gutman collab, so hard we’d put money on it making our end-of-year best-of lists. Some of our gushing can now be transferred to Porter’s upcoming release, Moctezuma—out August 18th—which features tracks produced by the Argentine/Venezuelan duo. We’ve already heard some of them but here’s a new one. “Huitzil” fits in with “Murciélago” and “Palapa,” but picks up more percussive and choral momentum than its predecessors. Listen below.

[insert-video youtube=Qz_spRS80_A]