Listen: Protistas' Videocámara Remixes ft. Caravana, Picnic Kibun & Aguilas Paralelas [CHL]

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Well look at that, remixes that actually sound different from the original! It’s a rare thing these days. If we’re not hearing acoustic overhauls then it’s the minimalist route. There’s none of that in ProtistasVideocámara Remixes, a four-track collection reworking the standout Las Cruces track. Aguilas Paralelas gives us an 808 version—I half expected a rap verse to come blaring in out of nowhere. Picnic Kibun, one of the most original acts coming out of Chile, get techno with it, while fellow label mates, Caravana, hit us hard where it counts to cap things off. This is when remixing succeeds, when you can still recognize the spirit of the original under all the makeup and prosthetics, but the product stands on its own.