Ratbot’s WHTDRGS EP Remixed

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Remember a while ago when we posted a piece about Ratbot’s EP, WHTDRGS? It was the summer of 2013, and these two chilangos were getting some attention beyond the boundaries of Mexico City. Well, the kids have been playing with Julio Rodríguez and Marco Paul’s tunes, and a set of remixes is out for your immediate consumption.

These sets are a tad heavier on the dub, which is great, and they’re also heavy on those “Sugar Tits“—you know: the series of three songs on the original album. They were concocted by names such as Mexico City’s Mate, Monterrey’s Adrian Be, and Remezcla’s own Eric Gamboa, aka Elebleu.

That’s right, and Eleblue’s remix of “Sugar Tits” is not bad at all. It has less of a soul sound than the original, but it still goes totally house at the end. So check them out. You’re welcome to start consuming them right away.