Listen: Ratbot’s WHTDRGS EP [MEX]

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Internet democracy means never being a hater when your friends from another music site grab a scoop. In the end, we’re all going to be dancing together at the same party to the same tunes. So our hats go off to our friends at New Weird Latin America (NWLA) for debuting Ratbot’s wonderful gem of an EP.

WHTDRGS is the new EP by chilango duo Julio Rodriguez and Marco Paul. Oddly enough, there’s not that much ado about cocaine or other white drugs but there’s a lot of ado about Sugar Tits. So much so that there’s a trilogy of songs about them on the album, which, by the way, is a 20-plus-minute collection of lounge-style electronica and hip-hop.

It’s not exactly The Weeknd, XXYYXX, or even MSTRKRFT (does anyone know what happened to those guys?), but it definitely holds a place alongside them.

Photo by @faridhMendoza