Listen: Ratking’s So It Goes LP + Video [USA]

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Plain and simple, this is raw, dope, New York music. If you need more, keep reading.

RATKING is a trio consisting of Puerto Rican-Irish MC, Patrick Morales, aka “Wiki,” a second MC, Hak, and producer SportingLife. Formed in late 2011 and led for the most part by Wiki, the group has stayed underground, performing shows and working on their debut album, So It Goes, released this past week. I don’t even want to use the term “hip-hop” because it might give people the wrong idea about what they’ll hear. These guys have listened to the good stuff in multiple genres and are determined to do the same. Influences can be heard from underground hip-hop, soul samples, punk, drum and bass, and more. Their biggest inspiration and encompassing topic, even making it to the cover art, is New York City. So It Goes is an audio footage of the essence of New York City. The New York you always heard about, the New York that might not be any more if things continue the way they have been.

It seems they’re aware of the crossroads they’re at culturally and generationally, as they address the logically flawed argument of comparing today’s rappers to the likes of Biggie and Tupac right out the gate in the intro track. Besides the city, their content is representative of the chaotic mental state that is our adolescent years—young, full of ideals, enjoying a little mischief, finding love, and turned off by the way the “real world” operates.

Look, put some headphones on and watch the stunning visuals for “Canal.” You’ll know if you want more or not.