Listen: Rockdrigo Gonzalez’s Lost Song "Blues Huasteco" [MEX]

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After writing this piece about “Valedor” by Belafonte Sensacional, I decided to go back and revisit the old prophets of the rupestre movement. I guess I was in the rupestre zone, because just one day after we posted that piece, Mexico’s Proceso magazine posted an article about a previously-unreleased Rockdrigo Gonzalez song, “Blues Huasteco.”

“Blues Huasteco” was ‘leaked’ to the Mexican press by Rockdrigo’s sister, Genoveva ‘La Veva’ González, who shared the song via email from her hometown of Tampico. “Blues Huasteco” tells the story of a guy who goes to Mexico City to attempt a career in television, but is forced to become a pimp after he fails.

Rockdrigo Gonzalez’s life story is, simply put, the stuff that fills the guts of rock and roll legends. He was born in the city of Tampico, which makes him a norteño, but his destiny was linked to that of Mexico City. He’s the author of “Metro Balderas,” a classic chilango song about life in DF, and he died in the infamous 1985 earthquake that shook Mexico’s capital. “El Profeta del Nopal” had a daughter, who everyone knows as Amandititita. A Searching for Sugar Man style documentary should be made about Rockdrigo. If it happens, don’t forget I said it first.

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