Listen: Single's "Rea" [ESP]

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Spanish duo Single over the years it’s that they will try whatever they feel like trying and they will keep sounding like themselves each and every single time. It took Single four years to release Rea, the follow up to their great second album, Monólogo Interior (2010, Elefant). This time around, Hidrogenesse handled the production duties and it really shows. It’s not the first time they’ve shared a release, though, since they both covered each other’s songs on the Vamos a casarnos/Llévame a dormir single (2011, Austrohúngaro).

The album’s first single, also named “Rea,” feels like classic Single, with their quirky arrangements and witty lyrics in full effect. The single escapes the general reggae and dub influence of the rest of the album and, instead, we get staccato organ stabs and spooky synths supporting the words sung by Teresa Iturrioz, who confesses she’s a prisoner of her lover’s arms.

Rea, the album, is out now on Elefant. Listen to “Rea,” the song, below.