Listen: Snippets from Ana Tijoux's Upcoming Vengo LP [CHL]

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Can’t wait for Ana Tijoux‘s new album to come out? Well then we have a little something-something for all you impatient ones. It’s not much, but it’ll do until the release date, scheduled for March 18th.

Vengo, Ana’s fourth official album as a solo artist (third for the international market), is her first attempt at an “organic” album, meaning a lot less samples, a lot more live instrumentation. While the main producer, Andrés Célis, remains the same from her previous work, for this new album they recruited plenty of guest musicians, most of whom brought in Latin American traditional instruments (Colombian gaita, Venezuelan cuatro, Brazilian cavaquinho, Andean charangos and pan-flutes, etc.) which—we can appreciate that already—gave her sound a complete makeover.

The French-Chilean MC says she’s been wanting to do something like this for a while now, a record where her “hip-hop world and our Latin American roots could dialogue.” But it’s not exclusively about that, Vengo also includes guest appearances by the likes of Shadia Mansour, a British-Palestine rapper also known as “the first lady of Arabic hip-hop,” among others.

Download Ana Tijoux’s “Vengo” below: