Is it Possible to Successfully Cover Björk? Sobrenadar Gives It a Shot

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It’s pretty difficult to cover any artist, especially covering an artist as singular as Bjork. Bjork tends to sing songs the way you wouldn’t have thought to sing a song. She, in a sense, creates the original and all the potential versions of it. So what’s left to cover? That’s the challenge for Buenos Aires’ Sobrenadar, the one-woman ambient outfit circling around this Bjork problem. A few days ago she posted this cover of “Unravel” from 1997’s Homogenic. Hers is a washed out version, decreasing the percussion’s impact and flatly whispering the lyrics. It feels like one extended breath, one long lonely shower. While Bjork yelps and trembles, Sobrenadar’s Paula García just utters.

Listen to both tracks below to hear two versions of Bjork’s “Unravel.”

[insert-video youtube=WgBbJKiRxmc]