Listen: Super Guachin's "Me Fumé el Fichín" (& Video)

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Hey kid, put that video game down! Or put it to a better use. Just look at what these guys here do with their old school gaming consoles!

Originally from Mendoza, Argentina, Super Guachin are the latest addition to the ZZK Records team and they are all about taking cumbia to the next evolutionary level by experimenting with new and retro technologies.

In this short video we can see them breaking down and modifying some Gameboys and a classic Commodore 64 (that was a direct ancestor of the PC, for all of you who were not born in the ’80s yet) and turning them into musical instruments to create this very original electropical sound.

Me Fumé el Fichín” (fichín is local slang for arcade video games, derived from fichas, the tokens used to run the machines instead of quarters) is the name of the track featured on the video and it’s part of an upcoming EP titled Piratas y Fichines, soon on ZZK Records. We can’t wait.

Me fume el fichin by SUPER GUACHIN

[insert-video vimeo=27743390]