Listen: T y u's AFKRMXS EP [MEX]

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T y u, the 19 year old golden boy of Tepic, Mexico’s underground, is a very curious phenomenon. He’s managed to do his own thing in a rock-pop dominated context, focusing on crafting detailed digital sounds in a place with little interest for electronic music. After evolving into T y u from TheRoommates–a duo project with his cousin–he surprised us with his EP Afrika​, a revelation of post-Internet dance floor music.

T y u invited some of his most talented friends to produce a series of remixes for his newest EP. The result is four reworks from the likes of Atlanta house producer Phynx, Mexico City’s techno-head Faultier, Guadalajara’s Niño Árbol, and Eddie Lucio cranking out a “Rainy Sunday”-style edit of “Karibe.” Listen to the AFKRMXS remix project here.