Free Download: Taso's "Droga de Diseño" (ft. El Coleta) [USA/ESP]

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This one’s for the ADHD party people. San Franciscan producer and audio engineer Taso manages to jump from trap to footwork to hip-hop (to some messed-up form of Jersey club) and add a little dubstep, in the blink of an eye, all in the same track and under three minutes. “Droga de Diseño” will make you sweat immediately, for sure.

The ever-shifting, hard-hitting beat has all the key elements to make your body move: tuned bass drums, economically placed horn samples, hi-hats as fast as a hummingbird’s heart rate, and a frantic synth fill. And, of course, we have the manipulated vocals, courtesy of El Coleta, a hip-hop artist from the Madrilenian outskirts. You won’t find any lyrical depth here, since he only repeats the name of the song over and over, and then adds a little reference to La Ruta del Bakalao. But lyrical depth is the last thing you will be thinking about.

Taso is part of DJ Rashad’s Teklife crew, and one of his tracks will be included on the Hyperdub anniversary compilation. But, for now, you can download to “Droga de Diseño” below.