Listen: Tastybass Vol. 1, Exploring the Low End of the Frequency Spectrum [MEX]

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Pictured above: Bial Hclap

Twitter: @Kiddieriot

We’re living in the times of bass, and here is just a taste of what Mexico is contributing to the form. Spoiler alert: it’s great.

Tastybass is a Mexican collective that brings together producers from around the country who explore the low end of the frequency spectrum. Trap, dubstep, and even trip-hop are present in this collection; compiled and mastered by Bial Hclap and featuring artwork by Rifhes. It’s a great compilation with a ton of variety and never gets stuck; it flows through.

Abolipop’s Jack’s Son opens things up with oscillating synths and filters, followed by the moombah-like inflections of Pedro Infame. Elsewhere, we can find downtempo from the aforementioned Rifhes, while curator Bial Hclap shines with a creepy/groovy tune, and Ezekiel hosts a pixelated, pointy boot-only party. Seriously, none of the tracks are throwaways.

You can buy it from Amazon, iTunes, Beatport, and Juno; plus you can stream it below. This is a great chance to support Mexican talent you might not know yet and could rock your next party.