Listen: Teen Flirt's "UNTLD" Remixes [MEX]

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A while ago, Monterrey’s finest DJ and co-founder of Finesse Records, Teen Flirt, did a great sexy track called “UNTLD” for DF’s video-netlabel Pura Crema, that became so popular among his friends he just had to go ahead and accept all of their remix petitions. And this is pretty much the whole story behind this EP, in which a few SoundCloud luminaries give Teen Flirt’s “UNTLD” their very own and unique treatments.

The first rework to appear after the beautifully succulent original mix is by Rhode Island’s AllsGlass and it’s one of my favorites, because it takes TF’s original tune to a whole different territory, where trap beats and heavy bass interact with the essence that makes “UNTLD” so incredibly dope. After Providence’s dearest, the other founder of Finesse Records, AdrianBe, just goes ahead and reinvents the whole track by altering its original DNA and using the original samples in many different ways, having as a result a futuristic pop song that might as well end up playing in various iPhones on-the-go all the way from Bristol to New York.

But this doesn’t stop there, the EP only gets better. After the brief warm-up mentioned above, Texas’ Corcovado and Germany’s LO get jiggy with it and set the roof on fire with their straight-up club kicks and hi-hats frenzy, peaking the mood of the whole piece and leaving space for the perfect outro, a soothing—almost hypnotizing—and dreamy ambient version of “UNTLD” made by Finesse’s newest member, Astrofongo.

So, yeah, this EP might be short on duration, but it sure feels like an LP. And it is indeed a perfect opportunity to get to know new underground stars for those who don’t have time (or hate) to spend hours scouring SoundCloud for solid Millennial Gold.