Listen to BFlecha's "Mundo Bizarro" (feat. Arufe) Remixed by UK Garage Producer DJ Q Remix [ESP/UK]

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The pairing of BFlecha and DJ Q makes so much sense it’s ridiculous. Galician producer Belén Vidal released her debut album βeta a year ago, on her label Arkestra Discos, and now she’s putting out a remix EP of a couple of its tracks, appropriately named βeta Remixes. It will feature the work of producers like Teklife’s DJ Manny, DJ Big O, and Hosoi, drummer of Delorean and βeta collaborator.

As a preview, she just shared a remix of standout single “Mundo Bizarro,” her collaboration with Spanish weirdo rapper Arufe, made by UK garage original DJ Q. All the way through βeta we can hear the direct influence of UK sounds on Vidal’s music, so there was no doubt this was going to turn out amazingly. From the moment it starts, the song will get you going, with introductory snippets of the original vocals and that luxurious garage swing. And as soon as the verse enters, you’ll know this is what the song needed. Arufe’s verses are highlighted, stripping elements from the programming to give it room to come through. DJ Q knew how to read the track, and infused it with his old-school vibes successfully.