Listen to Dre Green's Sultry Only One Mixtape, An Introduction to the Singer's Future R&B Tracks [USA]

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Chicago production duo (and personal favorites) The-Drum recently launched their own imprint, Lo Motion. Here, they agglutinate upcoming and like-minded artists from their area and beyond like The GTW, Boody, and JODY, the underground supergroup. And now it seems like they’ve found their diva. Meet Dre Green.

Dre Green delivers R&B tracks, but her singing style is more similar to Lana del Rey than to, say, Aaliyah or Brandy. She sings in a breathy voice, which sometimes sounds like she’s talking, but you can tell the girl sings. Her debut EP is called Only One, and features production from the aforementioned The-Drum (and from one half of the duo, Jeremiah Meece) and The GTW, as well as from Supreme cuts and Hawaiian Gardens. All of these producers share a similar aesthetic, making weightless and ethereal future R&B tracks with certain retro-sounding elements, and a bunch of reverb. Green’s voice perfectly sits on top of these tracks, whispering sultry lyrics and occasionally exploring her upper register. This is a nice little sexy introduction to the world of Dre Green.