Listen to Fakuta's Pure Pop On "Tormenta Solar," A Preview Of Her Quemasucabeza Label Debut [CHL]

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“Virreinatos” was the last original material we heard from Chile’s Pamela Sepúlveda, a.k.a. Fakuta, back in April of 2013, off her 2011 album, Al Vuelo. Since then we’ve seen her lend a hand and voice to other artists like Uvilov and Kinetica. But as much as we like a little bit of Fakuta, we love a whole lot of Fakuta more.

“Tormenta Solar” is a preview of what’s to come now that she’s signed to Quemasucabeza. The pure pop track is produced by Pablo Muñoz, Dënver’s Milton Mahan, and Fakuta herself, and takes a stab at soft-yet-sassy, brighter sounds.

[insert-video youtube=45PF1VccTvo]