Listen to Los Mundos' Dios Es Fuzz EP, An Almost Sacred Treatment of Distortion [MEX]

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It’s hard to imagine a more apt title for Los Mundos’ newest EP. Dios es Fuzz, aside from being a pretty hilarious declarative sentence, effectively communicates what’s at the heart of this Monterrey duo’s work: fuzz (duh!) and an almost sacred treatment of distortion, psych, filth, and irony. Not to mention that every song takes off like a barn burner.

The six-track EP treads familiar Mundos territory, but the songs—like “Bigote de pípila” and “Collar de perlas”—still feel fresh, worthy of our love and respect. And if the first five tracks don’t do it for you, then seek comfort in the closer, a faded reprisal of one of Retroterapia’s standouts, “Lentes mágicos.”