Listen to R0D0LF0 and Tomás Urquieta's SPLIT002 EP, From Two Fresh Faces In Santiago's Electronic Scene

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Diamante Records is an exciting Chilean label that has been putting out fantastic electronic music releases in the last few years. Their latest is a two-track split release between two fresh faces in the Santiago scene: R0D0LF0 and Tomás Urquieta. The dancefloor just went bizarre.

R0D0LF0’s contribution is a song called “Once Once,” a spacey house track with a slight techno influence. Atmospheric pads constantly wash the stereo channels and the infectious bass line will make your muscles move. On the other hand, Tomás Urquieta push it a step further on his song “Memoria,” which is hard-hitting and more experimental, bringing the recent works of Mumdance to mind. A simple synth melody disrupts on a few occasions, giving the track kind of an eerie vibe. This is another strong release by Diamante and both producers.