Listen to Tormentas' Headbanging Debut EP, El Mando De Control Ha Caído Y Sólo Quedamos Nosotros

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Galloping from Mexico’s heavy underground comes the debut album from Tormentas, a power trio who play a brand of rock that is heavy, grimy, and fun.

Formed by members of old-school melodic punk band Hummersqueal° and power violence newcomers Annapura, Tormentas specialize in a straight up headbanging punk concoction that mixes classic rock rhythms and guitar stylings packed into a great ride.

This long-titled album was recorded by Marginal, a small label that seeks to document Mexico City’s loud exponents coming from fringe venues. Songs like “Jinetes De Muerte” and “Rey De La Ginebra” are a great soundtrack when out drinking, moshing, or riding your motorcycle (hopefully, no one will try all three at the same time). Their heavily politicized lyrics are best exemplified on “El Falso” which features a guest rhyme from rapper LNG/SHT; but they are not above letting loose with a cover of Turbonegro’s “Good Head.”