Listen to Yeezy Producer Arca's "Thievery" + US Tour Dates with Total Freedom [VEN]

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Oh my God, this is it. Arca’s debut album has just been announced! After a flawless series of outstanding releases, up to his latest, the self-released &&&&& mixtape, the Venezuelan producer and Yeezy contributor is putting out his first full-length, titled Xen, and his label of choice is no other than the legendary Mute Records.

To accompany the good news, he shared the ninth track of the album, “Thievery.” Right when the beat kicks in, it kind of gives you the feeling it’s going to go reggaeton. But Arca’s style is never obvious, and he twists everything up in a second. The song is indeed more danceable than most of the things we’ve heard from him, but it sounds as menacing and creepy as we’ve would expect. The track sounds gigantic and unpredictable, and its lead melodic line is similar to the one featured on “Manners.” Also, check out the album cover, courtesy of his partner in crime, Jesse Kanda.

Check “Thievery” below, and don’t miss his DJ set shows on the West Coast this month with Total Freedom and Jesse Kanda on visuals (dates listed below).

Arca tour dates with Total Freedom, Jesse Kanda

September 18th – Fashion Tech, Portland, OR [tickets]
September 20th – Dome at Science World, Vancouver, BC [tickets]
September 23rd – Gray Area Art & Technology Theater, San Francisco, CA [tickets]
September 24th – EMP Sky Church, Seattle, WA [tickets]
September 25th – First Unitarian Church, Los Angeles, CA [tickets]