Listen: Toy Selectah Remixes Juanes

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Colombian mega-pop star Juanes doesn’t normally get a lot of play on Remezcla – after all, an artist so ubiquitous that even your gringo friends know who he is doesn’t quite fit into our focus on emerging talent. But Juanes’ new-ish track “La Luz” is so infectious that even producer extraordinaire Toy Selectah couldn’t resist giving it a rework – with a little help from rapper Milkman. The result is a slowed down version of the track that emphasises its groovy intentions and gives it a slight grimy coat, taking the tune to places it didn’t know it could go (musically speaking, that is. Geographically we’ve been hearing this song EVERYWHERE).

It’s not a complete rework, but it definitely gives “La Luz” a fresh angle.

Meanwhile, Juanes himself has been bringing “La Luz” to homes across the US thanks to his recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, March 11.

(Photo By Cuauhtémoc Suárez)