Listen: Triangulo De Amor Bizarro’s “Robo Tu Tiempo”

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There’s a little venue in downtown Los Angeles that is well known for its support of local, independent and unsigned artists. The place is called The Smell because, yes, it really smells in there. And of what, no one really knows. However, get past the smell and step inside The Smell and you’ll be treated to music from adventurous artists in every genre imaginable. It’s the type of place indie band Triangulo De Amor Bizarro would fit right in.

Triangulo, so named after the famous song by New Order, is a little band from Boiro in Coruña, Spain. They just released a new single, “Robo Tu Tiempo,” which is possibly the most accurate song title ever considering the tempo seems to be set at the speed of a clock running at thirty times its normal speed. It’s fast, it’s relentless and fans of HEALTH and No Age can easily appreciate it.

The song is the first single off upcoming release Victoria Mística. Someone move the clocks forward to the release date because I can’t wait!

[insert-video youtube=Lt9423r8DQo]

Download “Robo Tu Tiempo” below: