Listen: Troker's “Tequila Death” [MEX]

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If you ask the members of the jazz-funk phenomenon known as Troker about their formula for success and longevity, it’s likely they will tell you that it’s all in the groove.

The Guadalajara rhythm behemoth is celebrating a decade of musical prowess and audience exhilaration. The band has played stages such as Glastonbury (twice) and many other stages around the world on the strength of their highly original and energetic music.

To celebrate their first 10 years, the band plans to release three new albums. One will be the soundtrack to El automóvil gris, which they have played along with live projections of the film, as well as a concert performance record. To top it off, they will also release a full-length studio offering titled Crimen Sonoro. “Tequila Death” is a taste of what’s to be expected from the latter.

The track shuffles on like classic Troker: a strong rock groove, lively horns, wah guitars, and samples. In short, a fusion of many elements and instruments doing their own thing to construct an intricate piece of music. It’s frantic and a hoot to move your feet to.

Listen to “Tequila Death” here. Keep an eye open for more celebration surprises.