Listen: Two tracks from Dënver's New Album [CHL]

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Not convinced that you want to buy Dënver’s new album? Well, first of all, you’re making terrible decisions in your life. Of course you want to buy it. Get it together. Secondly, you’re in luck, because you can taste test two more tracks from the duo’s newest release, Fuera de Campo. Earlier, we slobbered all over the ABBA-nodding “Revista de gimnasia” and its unsettling video, now you can listen to the orchestral “Medio Loca (Hasta el Bikini me estorba)” and “Concentración de Campos,” a ballad with Ases Falsos leader Cristóbal Briceño. Once you’ve fallen in love with those, go over to iTunes and feed the band.

UPDATE: The band just added another Fuera de Campo track, “Mejor Más Allá,” to their SoundCloud.

Download Dënver’s Fuera de Campo below: