Listen: URSS Bajo el Arbol's “Los hilos de Dios”

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How I feel about this song is so intense that I can’t convey it properly with words. I’d probably have to do some form of interpretative dance that involves goats, massive amounts of peyote, and maybe even a sacrifice or two. I could also make art out of my tears and limbs. But, I don’t think the band or the world in general are asking that from me. So you’re going to have to settle for words.

URSS bajo el árbol is a DF-based post-rock outfit, poised to release their debut LP, 7. “Los hilos de Dios” is the advance single and if this is the advance, which is rarely the best track on an album, then I can’t imagine what the follow ups are going to inspire in me. Self-mutilation? Murder-suicide pact? I don’t know. And I’m terrified.

Their sound is busy but meticulous. Samuel Cervantes’ voice is grating in the most beautiful sense of the word. And the saxophone just slaps you across the face with how ingeniously it’s used. The desperation and drama are a nice break from a lot of the softer electro-pop we’ve been hearing these days. “Los hilos de Dios” clamors but doesn’t beg. It doesn’t have to. It’s that good.

Listen to “Los hilos de Dios” by URSS bajo el árbol and try not to kill yourself. Please.

Also, check out their video for another great one, “Las Aves sin Alas.”

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