Listen: Violeta Vil's “Lápidas y Cocoteros” (Remix)

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Even though we’re an online forum and we share our music the new-fangled way, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give a shout out to all of the great art found on hard-copy editions. Violeta Vil, the multinational dark-trop suppliers, consistently equip their efforts with an equally intriguing aesthetic. When they released their debut LP, Lápidas y Cocoteros (via Discoteca Océano), we got exactly what the title suggested: morbid island fun, packaged nefariously in pink. Now we have some more dark fun, thanks to the band’s US label, Austin’s Young Cubs.

You’ll find remixed versions of the LP’s title track and the already-eerie “Amish,” by Anntona (aka Manu from Los Punsetes) and remix collective Cuticle. Also included when you purchase the deluxe vinyl edition is a groovily/moodily tie-dyed record, designed by Violeta Vil’s singer Mónica di Francesco. We at Remezcla are eager to own one, for auditory and decorative purposes.

Listen to Anntona’s remix of Violteta Vil’s “Lápidas y Cocoteros” below, as well as Cuticle’s remix treatment of “Amish.” Purchase your own here.

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