Listen: Voz de Hombre's Subtle Bachata Track, "Ser Más Grande" [CHL]

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Three years ago, after leaving his original band, the gothic poppers Los Embajadores, Cristóbal Gajardo released his first solo album under the Voz de Hombre moniker, Hombre Solo (2011, Michita Rex). At this point, the project was entirely his, and it was mainly based on his own voice, crooning over electronic beats. He’s now returned with the first taste of his upcoming record, Murió Varón, which will be out in the next few weeks.

The single, “Ser Más Grande,” shows Voz de Hombre exploring new territories. It has evolved from a solo project to a full, 5-piece band, featuring Deplasticoverde, Rodrigo Dubó, Leonello Núñez, and Walter Roblero, from Congelador and former Los Embajadores bandmate. Gone are the electronic elements; instead, we get all-organic elements, with Latin percussion and everything. But the focus still is on Gajardo’s vocals and lyrics, now beautifully backed up by Deplasticoverde, and the lyrics are as slightly dark as always. The song has a very subtle bachata feel to it, reminding me of the latest album by Caravana, another Chilean act and also member of Congelador.

Check out Voz de Hombre’s 180° turn below.