Free Download: Weed Konducta’s Low Key EP [MEX]

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Mexican netlabel PIR▲.MD celebrated 4/20 with the release of the Low Key EP, the latest by Weed Konducta. The marijuana-obsessed producer from Xalapa, Mexico—who grabbed his name from underground hip-hop legend, Madlib—gives us this little collection of songs for you to listen to while…yes, we get it.

In the middle of the dark-and-hazy atmosphere, austere and heavy beats, and warped synths, you can definitely hear the influence of the recently deceased DJ Rashad if you pay attention to the repetitive vocal samples, lyrics about dope, and the overall juke feel on most of these songs. The tracks are more on the trap tip, though. Slow-and-screwed trap and a bit sinister, too. Download the whole thing and get, as a bonus track, the aptly named “Smokey.

For the people who think that every day is 4/20, get this here: