Listen: When Dash Slktr & Sr Tanke Go To Zoukland [COL]

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You thought moombahton was still the new kid on the music block? Man, that’s so 2012! You know how many eras that’s equivalent to in the blogosphere? Haven’t you heard of zouk bass?

Don’t worry, I haven’t either. I mean, I’ve seen it mentioned in all these influential blogs since last year, but I never really bothered finding out what it was. It really doesn’t matter. So I won’t be annoying you with definitions, descriptions, or controversies about the cultural appropriation of third world music by first world hipsters.

All I know is that I just got this EP where two Colombian bass producers join forces and go to Z. Z meaning zouk. And guess what? It’s pretty dope! They’re definitely onto something here. And wait till you hear the remixes. When blurring the lines with ñu-cumbia and moombah things get really interesting. At least for the next fifteen minutes of blogosphere fame, until Diplo and his disciples find the next exotic fetish du jour.